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《异种怪物 XenoShyft》一款卡牌策略游戏,故事中,一群异种怪物正虎视眈眈的围着基地,玩家将化身指挥官,有条不紊的安排相应的将士赶赴前线,与异种怪物对战,以保护基地不受异种怪物的侵害。游戏支持多人联网,合作抗战,也提供单机模式。多人模式下,玩家最多可以与另外三名网友协同作战。 i派党


The hit Kickstarter boardgame, now available on mobile!
IMPORTANT: This app requires iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 3 or newer, iPad Mini
or iPod Touch 5th generation or newer!
Defend against waves of horrific aliens in this beautifully illustrated, base defense, deck-building game for 1 to 4 players!
"One of the most fun co-op games I have played in a long time!" - Tom Vasel (The Dice Tower)
"The enemies are just monstrous and difficult!" - Rodney Smith (Watch it Played)
In XenoShyft Onslaught players take on the role of a commander in the NorTec Corporation. You're tasked with defending your division of the NorTec base as wave after wave of horrific aliens attempt to destroy the base and end NorTec's strip mining operation.
Gameplay Features
1 - 4 players - Single player compatible, fully cooperative gameplay.
Strong focus on coordination and strategic planning - to overcome the game's intense difficulty players will need to work together.
Base-Defense with deck-building elements
Incredible art - Illustrated by three amazing artists, XenoShyft features beautiful and consistent art. All of which creates one cohesive and frightening universe.
Inventive and exciting armor and weapon upgrade cards - You'll need to outfit your troops with the best equipment if you hope to survive.
Xenoshyft is a game for 1-4 players, with each player controlling one of the divisions of the Nortec military: The Science Labs, Med Bay, Armory, Weapon's Research, Barracks and Command Center. Each of these divisions represents one part of the overall Nortec base, and it is your job as Commander of these divisions to protect the base while its field operations are completed.
You and your teammates will have to work together to survive the continuous onslaught of powerful alien threats and horrors – the goal of the mission is not to wipe out these threats, it is merely to outlast them!
Survive through nine rounds of combat with these horrors and the base will have succeeded in its mission, and you and your allies will have survived to fight another day!上一条:Apocalypse Meow: 拯救最后的人类下一条:二炮手之狙击杀手 友情提醒,最新版本 1.8.10 中的新功能:
Fixed the Tutorial locking up.
Fixed a couple of issues with cards not being targetable in the discard pile.



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